A New Era of Ocean Research


Oregon State University is leading a new, innovative approach to marine research and education through the Marine Studies Initiative, an ambitious university-wide commitment that will fundamentally change how we study the ocean and its wide-reaching impacts.

With a comprehensive plan that expands university facilities, partners with coastal communities, and involves all 13 of Oregon State’s colleges, OSU is launching a program unlike any other in the country—a multidisciplinary approach with the potential to benefit both the environment and the economy, in Oregon and around the world.

At the center of this development is the construction of a state-of-the-art, $50 million facility in Newport. Adjacent to the internationally respected Hatfield Marine Science Center on the Yaquina Bay, the facility will connect Oregon State students to world-class research facilities just steps from the Pacific Ocean.

This new facility will enable OSU to increase its teaching and research capacity by 20-25 faculty members. Together, these faculty and researchers will prepare the next generation of leaders in marine studies, with 500 students-in-residence across multiple disciplines studying throughout the year in Newport.

A $20 million grant from an anonymous donor has given OSU a tremendous opportunity to build a world-class program in marine studies. This grant supporting the new Hatfield Marine Science Center facility is strictly contingent on OSU raising an additional $20 million from philanthropic sources by June 30, 2017. Of this amount, $5 million is needed for the new facility, to be combined with $24.8 million in state bonds, plus $15 million for related programs and research.

Donors giving $25,000 or more to the initiative will be recognized inside the building with a room or other architectural space named in their honor, in accordance with university naming policies. Oregon State officials plan to begin construction on the building in 2016-17 and open as early as 2018.

Become a partner in this exciting and groundbreaking initiative by making a gift today that will have a profound impact for Oregon State and the future of the earth’s oceans.