Scholarships and Fellowships

This is your chance to change someone's life.

By making a gift for scholarships, you can help someone achieve the dream of a college education.

OSU's graduates are the university's most important contribution to the future, and Oregon State has a deep commitment to helping all students succeed regardless of their financial circumstances.

Scholarships and fellowships also help OSU attract top-achieving undergraduate and graduate students, raising the university's academic profile and creating a vibrant learning environment that benefits everyone.

What Your Gifts Make Possible

A scholarship can make every difference. Just ask OSU sophomore Carina Burgher. “I couldn’t see myself being able to support a college education financially,” says the student from Stockton, California, in a recent video. “I knew I wasn’t going to be getting any help from my parents, so it was all going to fall on me.”

Becoming a physician or dentist is a long, expensive journey. But the path has been a little smoother for College of Science students like Nick Diaz-Hui – thanks to a pair of scholarships created by two generations of the Chadburn family.