Current-Use & Endowed Funds

Nick AuYeung and studentCurrent-use gifts have an immediate impact. The funds you donate are available to be expended right away to benefit students, faculty, and programs at Oregon State.

Endowed gifts support the university over the long term. These gifts create permanent funds where the principal of the gift is invested to generate earnings that strengthen OSU for generations to come.

With either current-use or endowed gifts, you select which Oregon State program will benefit from your generosity.

Current-Use Funds

President's Fund for Excellence: Oregon State is committed to moving to the front ranks of international and comprehensive land grant universities in the United States. Gifts to this fund represent a vote of confidence in the leadership of the president, who directs these resources throughout the university to support OSU’s highest priorities and goals.

Colleges and departments: Each college, school, and department has a current-use fund that can be quickly and easily used to address opportunities and challenges that fall outside of normal budgeting parameters. These gifts support scholarships, student internships and learning experiences outside the classroom, innovative curriculum development, research start-up, facility enhancements, and more. Learn about other current-use giving programs and areas your gift can support.

Scholarships and fellowships: Gifts for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships help to ensure that a high-quality college education is accessible to hardworking students from all backgrounds. You may designate your gift to OSU's general Scholarship and Fellowship Fund, Presidential Scholarship Fund, Bridge to Success program for students with financial need, or scholarship/fellowship funds in the colleges, schools, and departments.

Endowed Funds

With a minimum gift of $25,000, you can create a permanent endowment fund in your own name or that of someone important to you. This fund might support scholarships, seminars, faculty, library resources, a department or college, research funding, athletics, student experience funds, and more.

Each year, a portion of the fund’s balance (currently 4.5 percent) is transferred to support the OSU program you have chosen. The core of the fund remains invested for long-term growth.

Deanship or institute directorship $5 million endowment
Coach $2 million endowment
Professorship $500,000 endowment or $25,000 annually for a minimum of 3 years
Faculty Scholar $250,000 endowment or $12,500 annually for a minimum of 3 years
Presidential Scholarship $200,000 or $8,000 annually for a minimum of 4 years
General undergraduate scholarship or graduate fellowship $25,000 or $5,000 annually for a minimum of 5 years
Endowed program fund $25,000 or $5,000 annually for a minimum of 5 years

If you're interested in establishing an endowed fund at Oregon State, the best way to get started is to contact the OSU Foundation's Office of Donor Relations. We will connect you with someone to help you and your advisors through the planning process. There are many creative ways to structure your gift to achieve your financial and philanthropic goals.