Molly Moriarty Russell

About me: I started working at the OSU Foundation on February 1, 2015. I grew up in Portland and graduated with the first class of students in the Japanese Magnet Program. I received my degree in Anthropology and Economics from the University of British Columbia where I was president of my sorority, Alpha Phi. I spent five years in California, steeping in Orange and Black, working for University of the Pacific in both Stockton and San Francisco.

My family: I married my husband, Adam, in July 2014. We have a Husky dog and two Siamese cats.

In my spare time I enjoy: Volunteering with my sorority, running, and learning Japanese dance.

An aspect of my life I never would have predicted: I actually enjoy running half marathons. Before we got our Husky, Laika, four years ago, I hated running. I started running to get us both exercise; and when my former supervisor suggested I sign up for a half marathon, I was hesitant. The run was tons of fun, plus you get swag and bling. I am hooked!

A highlight from a recent vacation: My husband and I got our SCUBA certification on our honeymoon in Thailand. We saw an endangered leopard shark on a training dive.

Why I'm excited to be Director of the OSU President's Circle: OSU supporters are fiercely loyal and proud of their connection to Beaver Nation. Impressive and important work happens here every day. I can't wait to meet people, share everyone's passion, build connections, and help make an impact on this great university!

Contact Molly Moriarty Russell at 541-737-4044.