2017-2018 Request for Proposals

The OSU Women’s Giving Circle is inviting you to submit a proposal for grants that will be awarded in May 2017. The Giving Circle was founded in spring 2003 by a group of OSU alumnae and friends who pooled their gifts to create a fund to support Oregon State University programs.

Grant Criteria

The Giving Circle will consider proposals that meet all of the following criteria. We are looking for programs and projects that:

  • Enhance the OSU undergraduate student experience and improve student retention.
  • Directly impact as many OSU students as possible.

In addition, more serious consideration will be given to proposals that:

  • Are relevant but not exclusive to women.
  • Involve undergraduate students in the implementation of the project or program.
  • Have few sources of support and realize a significant impact from the Giving Circle’s gift.

The average grant amount awarded is $5,000-$10,000. Please refer to webpage for grant history. Proposals that receive funding may apply again in the two following years but are not given special priority during the grant process. Those seeking a renewal of funding must complete a grant renewal request form in addition to the grant application. The number of grants awarded will depend on the size of the pooled fund and the number of compelling proposals submitted.

Proposals Not Eligible for Funding

  • Proposals that directly benefit individual research projects
  • Proposals to fund travel expenses (hotel, meals, gas, car rentals, train, bus or airfare)
  • Proposals to fund professor stipends
  • Proposals where food and beverages are a significant amount of the proposal

Submittal Requirements

Please complete all questions listed on the Grant Application. Include a detailed budget and a one paragraph summary that will be shared with members when reviewing proposals. All materials submitted including addendums should total no more than four pages. Applications may be submitted that are relevant to Oregon State University including the OSU Cascades Campus, 4-H and Extension.

Deadline for submitting proposals: Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Please e-mail proposals to the Women’s Giving Circle staff liaison at the OSU Foundation, Kellie Parker no later than 5 p.m. on January 17. Please email to womensgivingcircle@oregonstate.edu. Kellie will send an email confirmation when the proposal is received. If you have questions please contact Kellie at 541-737-4691 or 800-354-7281.

Selection Process

In February finalists will be selected for site visits. In addition to the previous criteria, the site visit team will also ask questions about the proposals that were asked during WGC evaluation and will explore:

  • What difference or impact will the grant make for OSU students?
  • Is the proposal viable?
  • What makes the proposal compelling?
  • Is the grant amount appropriate? Should it be increased or decreased?

The information Women’s Giving Circle members will be given for voting includes

  1. One paragraph summary from the grant application
  2. Site reviewer’s comments to the above criteria
  3. Questions asked by members during the proposal review including either recommending the amount proposed by the applicant, or a lesser amount.
  4. If a greater number of proposals are submitted than funding is available, some of the proposals will be eliminated.

In mid-April 2017, Giving Circle members will vote to make the final grant selections. Awards will be announced and funds available in May 2017. Funds must be used in entirety by June 2018.

Grant Recipient Requirements

At the end of the funding year a one page report answering the questions provided is required. The report will be shared with the Women’s Giving Circle members. Please send the report via email by June 30, 2018. Recipients are also encouraged to attend the grant celebration event to discuss their funded project/program with Women’s Giving Circle members.

Timeline Overview

  • January 17, applications due
  • February 9, semi-finalist selected for site visits
  • Mid-April, Women’s Giving Circle members vote
  • May 17, grant award winners announced, funds become available for use
  • Spring 2018, Grant Celebration
  • June 30, 2018, final report due to the Women’s Giving Circle