Become a Member

A gift of $500, $1,000, or more is all it takes to become a member of the OSU Women's Giving Circle. Making a gift of $1,000 will also qualify you for membership in the President's Circle, a special recognition group for annual donors that includes special events and communications from the university. Women under the age of 40 can join for $250. The membership year begins May 2 and goes through May 1 of the following year.

To make your gift online, go to our secure giving page. The allocation "OSU Women's Giving Circle" under Designation Description will be filled in. Simply type in your gift amount and fill out your credit card information. Join now.


Meet our Members

The Women’s Giving Circle is a community of women philanthropists committed to supporting higher education. The 2015-16 membership roster is below.

Diane Alexander
Terrie Andrews
Celia Austin
Shirley Babb
Janet Baker
Brenda Barnes
Janet Barry
Joyce Beadnell
Janice Best
Ruth Beyer
Kathy Bickel
Kathryn Bork
Kim Bradley
Kaki Brenneman
Judy Britton
Nancy Bryant
Virginia Butler
Carol Campbell
Cindy Campbell
Tracey Clark
Valerie Clarke
Merrily Cook
Leslie Culbertson
Kaaren Demorest
Mary Dooney
Mary Lou Dougherty
Sharon Douglas
Kathy Ellis
Tracy Elmshaeuser
Ann Emmerson

Sandy Ericksen
Judy Faucett
Sue Fisher
Marcia Floberg
Sally Floberg
Barbara Francis
Cindy Galindo
Cindy Gaulke
Diana Gernhart
Carol Girt
Irene Giustina Goldbeck
Natalie Giustina Newlove
Sheila Goodwin
Tina Grim
Stephanie Grutzmacher
Marilyn Gustafson
Karen Halvorsen
Carol Hamlin
Phyllis Hann
Kathy Heath
Suzie Herburger
Valerie Herstine Jackson
Jenny Heuberger
Nicole Hindes
Debbie Hollingsworth
Pat Hraba
Patricia Huffschmidt Long
Gayl Johnson
Lindell Johnson
Connie Kearney

Kathryn Klein
Kim Kono
Shauna Krieger
Marilyn Kuhns
Lillian Larwood
Marilyn Laufenberg
Sara Lea
Julieann Lear
Phyllis Lee
Kaye Loughmiller
Elise McClure
Darlene McCormack
Suzanne McGrath
Marcella McLean
Becky Meier
Betsy Messer
Terry Mettler
Kathy Miller
Becky Moore
Dinah Nicholson
Kellie Parker
Janet Pease
Carol Pickard
Caroline Pickering
Susan Poole
Janet Redmond
Pat Reser
Debby Rhoades
Beth Rietveld
Les Risser

Margie Robberson
Betty Root
Charlene Russell
Janet Sanders
Lynne Schauble
Jean Scorgie
Penny Serrurier
Mary Alice Seville
Paula Smith
Nancy Smith Buck
Kim Spathas
Marilyn Starker
Joan Staunton
Joanne Talbert
Sue Anne Thompson
Maryellen Tipper
Jo Anne Trow
Hanna Valva
Verle Weitzman
Janet Wheeler
Christine Williams
Sandy Willis
Marilyn Wimer
Peggy Wood
Sandy Woodley
Judith Youde
Orcilia Zuniga-Forbes