Organizational Culture

Collaborative. Responsible. Respectful. Inclusive. Innovative. These core values are the expression of our ideals. They reflect the pride in who we are and in what we do. They inspire us to seek—and give—the best that we can.

The strength of our organization comes from our culture of direct dealing and collaboration between staff members at all levels. And, we also know how to have fun. From our staff-run food drive and our annual wellness fair to our all-staff summer picnic, we are active and engaged members of the university community.

Because the Foundation is the designated fundraising department for Oregon State University, we work hand-in-hand with university leaders – from the president and provost to deans, department chairs and individual faculty and students – to engage our philanthropic community in meaningful ways.

The Foundation is successful because there is a thoughtful plan to guide us. These six broad goals from our strategic plan set the framework for our annual plans:

  1. Optimize philanthropic support.
  2. Increase the quantity and quality of engagement among our core audiences.
  3. Enhance the University’s brand among our core audiences to increase engagement and philanthropic support.
  4. Build a “Best Place to Work” environment by developing aspirational recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies in a highly competitive market.
  5. Transform our organizational culture to one that embraces new technologies and uses analytics to drive organizational performance.
  6. Strengthen existing and pursue new ventures to generate resources in support of the University’s mission.