Our Services

Proposal Services

The Office of Foundation Services offers the following services:

  • Research on Private Foundations. We help ensure that the proposed private foundation is a good match for a particular project. We also identify other prospective funders for projects.
  • Project Development Services. We tailor services to the individual faculty member or college unit – whether that involves larger-scale project planning with multiple partners or simply providing back-end documentation and attachments. Our online toolkit is designed to facilitate development of projects.
  • Access to Documents. We house many required documents for private foundation applications, such as 501(c)(3) letters, current financial documents, and board rosters. Our office can customize information when required by a prospective funder (e.g., customized board rosters). Request specific documents.
  • Grant Review. Reviews are tailored to meet your needs. We provide reviews ranging from critiques of the written narrative to final proofreading. When requesting a review, please contact the office at least six business days before the deadline.
  • Proposal Writing. In some cases, Foundation Services takes the lead in writing proposals. If you seek this service, please contact us six weeks before the deadline to see whether we have capacity to serve as primary or secondary writers on the project.
  • Training. Foundation Services offers a regular training series beginning in fall 2014. (If you are interested in hosting small roundtables of training, contact our office.)


Post-Award Services

Foundation Services provides ongoing project management and reporting support services for private foundation grants. After receiving an award, our office will oversee and manage project reporting and, as appropriate, budgetary reporting to private foundations.