Online Toolkit

The Foundation Services tools below are designed to make projects proposal-ready, whether your great idea is only outlined on a napkin or you are well along in the process.

Each proposal must be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each private foundation. Our tools will help you create the body of the proposal, which you may then modify for each application.

These forms help the project developer identify and specify important proposal components; however, please note that these forms do not replace Cayuse approvals.

  • Before/After Planning Matrix. This matrix helps organize project need, design, resources, and metrics into an easy-to-use table. This form is especially helpful for individuals who have a rough idea of their project design but have yet to pull together the various details to create a persuasive proposal. This matrix helps frame the project and its impact over time, what resources are needed to create change, and how that change will be measured.
  • Project Concept Form. This two-page form is more detailed than the matrix and helps frame a proposal at a summary level. The document covers the five common proposal elements: (1) need/problem statement; (2) project design/solution; (3) project management plan; (4) key personnel; and (5) evaluation.
  • Budget Development Form. This form provides an easy guide to developing a budget quickly. Simply follow the instructions and fill in the yellow boxes. The format mirrors many budget formats from federal agencies, such as the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Labor. The form is password protected to keep users from overriding formulas. However, there is no password, and the form may be unlocked easily. You can also use this form to help write budget justifications, as sections from the spreadsheet may be copied and pasted into a Word document as tables and supplemented with explanatory notes. See a sample budget.


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