Transform Today’s Research into Tomorrow’s Businesses


The University Venture Development Fund program helps discoveries in university labs benefit all of the state by creating new products, technologies, and businesses. The program rewards donors to the fund with an extraordinary 60 percent Oregon income tax credit in addition to the federal charitable gift deduction.

The commercialization of OSU-generated research is one of the university’s top priorities, and the University Venture Development Fund provides critical support. The program also offers invaluable learning opportunities to OSU students who work side by side with faculty researchers.

Gifts to the University Venture Development Fund help create jobs, grow the economy, strengthen communities, improve education, and achieve a better future for all Oregonians. 

Innovation at Work


In 2015, demand for energy storage grew 243% in the U.S. alone, and this growth is testing the limits and capabilities of available storage options. eChemion, a chemical engineering company based in Corvallis has developed a patent pending wet chemistry treatment for electrodes used in flow batteries that quadruples their lifespan and allows the batteries to operate at a much higher current rate over that lifespan.

Gifts to the University Venture Development Fund helped eChemion build a potentiostat and investigate different modes of treatment for impacting materials. By improving the performance characteristics of carbon-based materials, eChemion will change the way machines operate and the way people live their lives.


You’re reading these words on some sort of electronic device, one of the many displays we use daily on cell phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and TVs. Amorphyx is a startup company based in Corvallis that has developed a better, more cost-effective way to make liquid crystal display backplanes. Sometimes compared to dimmer switches, backplanes control the color, brightness, speed, and efficiency of display screens. Amorphyx technology – developed in the OSU clean room pictured, and licensed from Oregon State University – simplifies the manufacturing process and incorporates green materials.

Gifts to the University Venture Development Fund helped Amorphyx get off the ground. When high-tech companies like Amorphyx have a chance to take root, our state flourishes.

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