Valley Endzone Skybox – Arizona

On November 19 Oregon State Beavers displayed their best performance of the season, beating the Arizona Wildcats 42-17. View photos from the Valley Endzone Skybox.

Before the game, Skybox guests heard from Dr. Kevin Ahern, Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics in the College of Science (and creator of Metabolic Melodies), on the impact undergraduate research and creative activity has on students at Oregon State; learn more at right about a few of the many programs that help students get this invaluable experience.

OSU Foundation President & CEO Mike Goodwin also invited guests to advocate for Oregon State through the Beaver Caucus program; find out how you can help.

Increasingly, OSU’s generous giving community is investing in scholarships and experiential learning programs that help students prepare to be the leaders and problem solvers of the future. Thank you!

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Uniquely OSU

Here's why undergraduate research is important.

In the College of Science, the donor-supported Undergraduate Research Frontiers Fund provides scholarships for students like Yuriyah Reed-Harris, who spent a summer studying brain cancer (page 2 of this PDF).

In the College of Agricultural Sciences, the endowed Ernest and Pauline Jaworski Fund creates opportunities for students from underserved populations to explore their interests in plant biology.

Auna Godinez

In the College of Forestry, the SEEDS (Strengthening Education and Employment for Diverse Students) program helps students like first-generation college student Auna Godinez (pictured) get research experience.

This year a grant from the OSU Women’s Giving Circle is providing research opportunities for women sophomore engineering students.