Women’s Giving Circle Grants

In spring 2017 OSU Women’s Giving Circle members announced more than $72,000 in grants to groups and programs at Oregon State University. Their generosity will touch thousands of lives on campus and beyond. You can join the circle and be a part of selecting next year’s recipients.

2017-18 Grant Recipients


Benny's Business Closet – $5,000

Benny’s Business Closet was established when a group of College of Business students noticed classmates who sometimes allowed opportunities to pass by, simply because they couldn’t afford appropriate clothing. The program is now open to provide professional attire to any student who needs it. This grant will help pre‐interior design students renovate the space, as part of a first‐year business course series, while pre‐merchandising management and pre‐apparel design students manage and market the program.

Girls in Engineering and Marine Science – $9,139

Girls in Engineering and Marine Science (GEMS) serves middle school girls on the Oregon coast. Participants spend two days in Newport at the Hatfield Marine Science Center and Oregon Coast Aquarium, where they take part in hands-on learning activities and hear from OSU researchers and students about their work in marine science and engineering. This grant will support two additional GEMS camps targeting Latina girls during 2017-18.

Go Baby Go: Undergraduates Empowering Children with Disabilities – $9,750

Go Baby Go is a community-based outreach program in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences that works with families, clinicians, and industry to provide pediatric equipment to children with disabilities for movement, mobility, and socialization. Undergraduates involved in OSU’s Go Baby Go club help modify ride-on cars that children with disabilities can use to explore the world – a unique and deeply rewarding out-of-the-classroom service learning experience. This grant will help engage more students in the program and provide cars to more Oregon families.

Textbook Cost Savings through Open Educational Resources – $10,000

On average an OSU student’s textbooks cost $1,965 per year. To help alleviate this financial burden universities increasingly are turning to open educational resources: free (or very low cost to print) textbooks and other materials that are available online and free from copyright restraints. Replacing expensive textbooks helps ensure that no student earns a poor grade, chooses not to take a class, or leaves school due to costs. The University Libraries will award grants to 10 professors of high-enrollment courses who replace high-cost textbooks with high-quality, low- or no-cost alternatives.

OSU-Cascades Textbook Assistance Program – $10,000

Through this program, the Associated Students of Cascades Campus (ASCC) will help support low-income students by providing access to textbooks at no cost. The ASCC will purchase textbooks based on course offerings at OSU-Cascades and will loan these textbooks to students for the duration of one academic term. The textbooks may then be sold back to the publisher or become available to all OSU-Cascades students through the library service.

Supplemental Funds to Pay for Extraneous Licensure Fees – $6,000

Becoming a certified public school teacher has many costs beyond the usual expenses associated with a college education: fees for fingerprinting, state-mandated tests, licensure, and more. For financially strapped students, such costs can create a barrier to entering the teaching profession. This grant supports partial fee waivers for financially disadvantaged and/or non-traditional students, to be matched in-kind by the College of Education. The project is one way the college is working to address the historical lack of teachers of color.

Building Cross-Curricular Hands-On Learning at OSU-Cascades through Active Learning Lab Kits – $2,000

The Active Learning Lab (ALL) project is a collaboration between the OSU-Cascades Library and the OSU-Cascades Writing Program. Each kit will contain items that promote hands-on learning activities centered on themes such as local history and culture, local flora and fauna, design, science in everyday life, and sustainable energy. Accessible through the OSU-Cascades Library, ALL kits will be available for faculty to use with their course curriculum, for students to use in clubs or individual activities, and for community members.

College of Engineering Women's Sophomore Research Fellowship – $10,000

As students move through OSU’s challenging engineering program, many opt out following their first year. Studies have shown that engaging students early in research helps them persevere and increases their academic success. Through this grant, 20 recipients of the College of Engineering Women’s Sophomore Research Fellowship will work five hours per week on engineering research projects, each receiving $500 stipends. They will also participate in professional development programming to help them persist and excel in engineering.

Disability Accommodations at START Orientations – $5,610

Throughout each summer, OSU welcomes more than 8,000 incoming new students and their family members at START orientation programs. During START, students and families often travel around campus in large groups, whether it is for a brief campus tour or to attend a presentation in another building. In order to create the most welcoming atmosphere for all new students and families, this grant will purchase microphone systems that allow hard-of-hearing guests to access our programs with ease.

FIESTAS: Culturally Responsive Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates – $3,348

Culturally Responsive Teaching Experiences for Undergraduates is a College of Education program in which aspiring teachers design and lead activities in an afterschool STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) club for local elementary school children and design and lead two annual Family Math and Science Nights. The college students gain valuable experience as they work with children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, while the children learn STEM concepts in a fun, extracurricular setting.

Chemistry Laptop Computers – $1,200

This grant provides four laptop computers for a Linus Pauling Science Center room used for a supplemental instruction program in general chemistry. Students complete online chemistry work as part of their weekly homework. With the new laptops, they’ll be able to complete their assignments with faculty and peer facilitators present to offer guidance.


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