Dramatic Expansion

The arts alter our thinking and open up new worlds. They stimulate creativity and innovation. And at OSU, the arts are for everyone.

This spring OSU announced a thrilling $25 million gift that launches an initiative to expand and enhance the LaSells Stewart Center. The anticipated $60 million arts and education complex will bring together music, theater, digital communications, and the visual arts: a campus centerpiece of culture and creativity expected to open in 2022.

Throughout our university, students of every discipline are enriched and transformed through engagement in the arts.

The violinist who opens the video above is a 2016 graduate heading to medical school. An article about the impact of scholarships on her life also highlights a fellow pre-med student active with theater and music performance.


“The arts drive the culture of creativity, innovation and diversity that is essential to a thriving research environment," said OSU President Ed Ray. "I believe with all my heart that a relationship with the arts is integral to the human experience. In addition to enhancing our strengths in the sciences, this initiative will enrich the education and life preparation of all our students." 





Want to know more about the vibrant intersection of the arts and sciences at Oregon State?

Meet civil engineering student Annie Parham, who has been active with music and theater – traveling to Brazil with Bella Voce, and portraying such roles as Anne Frank and Juliet.

Art major Madelaine Corbin completed an internship in the chemistry lab that produced the famous new blue pigment. What she learned led her to create an unexpected art installation.  

You can help create enriching opportunities for students like these. Join OSU Friends of the Arts. Or make a gift to support the new arts and education complex.