Gift Planning

It Pays to Have a Plan

The Office of Gift Planning helps donors and their professional advisors design a giving plan. Thoughtful, informed planning can yield significant benefits — for the donor and for Oregon State University.

Here are a few examples of Gift Planning in action:

  • After careful consideration, an alumnus gives a tax-burdened asset to OSU and a tax-advantaged asset to an heir.
  • A donor creates a new scholarship with stock and plans to endow it later through a bequest.
  • An alumna creates a charitable trust that provides her income for the rest of her life and benefits OSU in the future.
  • A couple decides to leave their residence to OSU in their wills, with provisions that the sale of the home support scholarships.

Planned gifts include bequests, trusts, gift annuities, and other gift vehicles. Planned gifts can be funded with many different types of assets, including securities, real estate, CDs, and retirement assets. One of the most common planned gifts is a bequest from a donor’s will or estate. View our sample bequest language.

Often, combining the right asset with the right gift vehicle is the key to meeting your financial and charitable goals. For a free personalized illustration on how a life income gift could work for you, call Jeff Comfort at (541) 737-3756 or contact us to learn more.


Estate Planning Guidebooks

Learn how to protect your financial future and benefit you and your family with the OSU Foundation’s complimentary Estate Planning Guidebook 101 series.